Vision, Mission and Challenges

Our vision:
  Advance fundamental sciences related to 3D nanocrystal superlattices called supracrystals.

Mission: To design functional supracrystals for energy and biomedical applications.

Challenges : The research activity of the SUPRANANO focuses mainly on the influence of order either of atoms or nanocrystals at different scales. We are investigating order-related intrinsic physical and chemical properties of atoms within a nanocrystal (named nanocrystalinity) and of nanocrystals within a supracrystal (or supracrystalinity).  The knowledge of such properties will permit to serve our mission.
To reach such goals our major activity is to develop new syntheses to control nanocrystal size, nanocrystallinity, their assemblies in 3D superlattices and design new systems for potential applications.

Nowdays, we want to participate in answering six major questions:
*Does nanocrystallinity play a role in the chemical, physical properties of nanocrystals?
*Are the intrinsic properties of supracrystals related to the nanocrystallinity and/or to the nanocrystal ordering?
*Can we detect supracrystal collective properties related or not to nanocrystallinity?
*Is it possible to grow supracrystals in aqueous solution?
*Do supracrystals dispersed in aqueous phase exhibits new intrinsic chemical and  physical properties?
*What applications could be developed?