Collective Magnetic Properties


Magnetic Properties

Modelization of the nanocrystal ordering in 2D superlattices
Differentiation between magnetic contribution of easy axis and dipolar interaction  by using ferrite particles synthetized in vivo :

*g-Fe2O3 cigar-like nanocrystals  film
*Shaped mesostructures of g Fe2O3 nanocrystals
*FCC Co supracrystals
* FCC supra crystal of e Co nanocrystals differing by their sizes



* FCC « Supra » Crystals : Internanoparticle coherence
*Longitudinal acoustic (LA) phonon propagation in « small » fcc Co supra crystal


echanical properties :

* Various parameters controlling the Elastic Properties of Supracrystals
mechanical properties


  transport Properties :

* Change of the electronic transport properties with the nanocrystal ordering
* Electronic properties of supracrystals differing by their thicknesses
*Fingerprint of isolated nanocrystals in thick supracrystals


Properties :

*due to self organization of nanocrystals in 2D compact hexagonal network
*Small 3D supracrystals



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