SUPRANANO research, conducted by Prof. Marie Paule Pileni, is highly interdisciplinary. Our accomplishments have conducted to several breakthroughs in photochemistry, photobiology, solar energy conversion, nanomaterials, colloidal assemblies and self-assemblies.

The major breakthroughs out of  SUPRANANO group are:

  • Understanding the fundamentals of the kinetics and mechanisms in colloidal solutions guided her in both the creation of inorganic nanocrystals differing by size, distribution, crystalline structure shape and in the chemical modification of enzymes.
  • Building up thermodynamically stable states of self-assemblies, both for surfactant molecules (supraaggregates) and inorganic nanocrystals (supracrystals) .
  • Finding collective optical and magnetic properties induced by dipolar interactions and due to the nanocrystal arrangements in 1D, 2D and 3D superlattices.
  • Discovering chemical and physical intrinsic properties due to the crystalline structure of isolated nanocrystals.
  • Discovering different physical (vibrational, magnetic, optical) properties of nanocrystal assemblies depending on the crystalline atomic structure of nanoparticles called nanocrystallinity.
  • Developing conceptual analogies between supracrystals and atomic crystalline structures.
  • Miscellaneous : such as synthesis of ferrite at various size and composition, mesocopic structures induced by applying a magnetic film during the evaporation process, tuning the interparticle distance in supracrystals; Mesoscopic void structures in Co nanocrystal, Nanolithography, Cracks  etc……